How to Create an Avatar

Creating an Avatar is easier than you think!

What is an Avatar? 

An Avatar is a computer generated character to represent you! It’s a super fun way to show everyone your creativity, style and build something that you can be proud of. And it all happens in our partner app – Mootivated!


So, follow along with the video, or follow the text directions beneath the video – either way, the RootCoaches are so excited to see who you create!

Here's how to create your own Avatar and load it onto Root Bible Academy:

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Here's what you can do to build your own Avatar:

  1. Log into your child account on Root Bible Academy. (You may want to save your kids’ logins, so it is easier for future logins!)
  2. Once you are logged in, click on any course, because you can see where your avatar will reside and any coins that your child has earned so far within any course. (See screenshot on the right)
  3. Right beneath the coins, you’ll see an icon that looks like a smartphone with the text “Mobile” under the graphic. Click on that, and it will open up a QR Code for you to scan with the Mootivated app!
  4. Add the Mootivated app to your smartphone
        Google Play link: CLICK HERE
        App Store link: CLICK HERE
  5. To log in, you can either use your child’s login info from RootBibleAcademy (the host URL is “grow.rootbibleacademy.com”) OR you can tap the icon in the middle of the screen to open up the camera option, so you can scan the QR code that popped up on the Root site to login.
    (Once you log in, it will save your info, so you won’t have to do it again if every kid has their own device!)
  6. Click “Accept” on the terms and conditions, then the “Collect” button, which will give the app access to all the coins your child has earned!
  7. Now, there’s three circles in the lower right – click on the green one to randomly generate an Avatar.
    Click on the yellow button to edit an Avatar. Or, click the red button to delete an avatar!
  8. Notice, some Avatar changes and upgrades cost coins, but others do not! Also, try changing some colors in addition to style!
  9. Once you either have spent all the coins that you can or you have your Avatar looking the way that you would like, click the camera icon at the very bottom of the screen.
  10. Select a pose, then :Freeze” when your Avatar is posing the way you want for the Root site!
  11. Now, you can choose Upload to Moodle” – that will actually upload it to your account on Root Bible Academy! Next time you login, you’ll see the character you just built!!!