How To's and Troubleshooting

We are here to help! 

We are continually making the site easier to navigate and more streamlined, but you still may have questions or need help. 

That’s why we are creating this help section!

You should see a tutorial for what you need below, but if you don’t, let us know!

This tutorial will walk your through checking out with a co-op option, setting up your parent account, and then setting up a child account! Watch this video to learn how to set up an account from the start!
Creating an account for each one of the kids in your family is easy! Follow along with these few steps, then login as the child to complete their profile. See how here!

You have enrolled your family, but now what? How do your kids access the LIVE classes, or get to all the great material supplied with each course?

What is an Avatar? It is a character that you get to design, which will represent you on Root Bible Academy! How cool is that??? And it is easier than you think!