How to Log In for the First Time

You've Enrolled your Family... now what?

How do you access the courses? How do you log in?

So, follow along with the video, or follow the text directions beneath the video – either way, the RootCoaches are so excited to see who you create!

Here's the text version (with pics) of how to log in:

  1. Click the button at the top of the screen that says “Click Here to go to your Courses”.


2. Log into your child account on Root Bible Academy. (You may want to save your kids’ logins, so it is easier for future logins!)



3. Once you are logged in, scroll down and click on the current month’s course.



4. Scroll down until you see the tab for your child’s age group.



5. Option 1: Click on the button for the live class you registered for, and it will automatically open the Zoom app on your device and you’re in!



6. Option 2: Click on the button with the Green Puzzle piece icon to see all the class options for every age group. (If you don’t see the join button, you may have to scroll to the right)


Still have questions? Contact us on Facebook or Instagram @RootofRevival or email us: info@rootbibleacademy.com.


We’ll see you soon!