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For you.
For your kids.
For your teens.
For the whole family.
Real spiritual growth at church & home.

One-Time Courses

No membership required!

Parents, you do not have to do this alone. Sometimes you just “feel” alone & forget the ROOT of the “why” & how to get back to that! Here are a few great options!

How are Family Devotions Going?

Have you ever felt awkward or unequipped to teach your family the Bible?

Have you ever felt awkward or unequipped to teach your family the Bible?

We get it. We have felt that way too! So many us feel ill equipped or insecure talking about the Bible with our kids. ROOT exists to change that. We were in full-time pulpit ministry for 15 years and would watch parents leave their service and kids leave their service and not be able to connect the services to communicate together about God. That's why we created ROOT Bible. We exist to make you (the parent) the hero of your home when it comes to being the spiritual head! To make it EASY, powerful and FUN - at the same time.

We believe the bible has power. We activate that power when we know what it says and then do it!

We provide you with the LIVE classes for ages preschool – high school weekly and a once a month LIVE parents class that you each can log-into, choosing from our MANY class times, days & coaches. For a limited time, the membership covers YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY! That means if you have one or ten in your home from teens to toddlers, each one can log into their own class with a live teacher, calling on them by name, participating with peers to find verses and apply the truths in a very age specific way!

All this is included in your membership, PLUS tools that have questions and prompts to make it easy to talk about the God, His Word and what the whole family is growing in at meal times or trips in the car, as well as a weekly challenge where your family gets to complete and upload in order to be entered to win prizes, earn bonus badges and coins!

Here's How It Works​

A Parent Podcast & Family Enjoyment Tools

Our goal is to make YOU the hero as you bring Scriptures and Power right to your family through easy and intentional tools! These are available right in your dashboard that coach and encourage you with a ideas to bring the weekly and monthly GROW DEEP focuses into your home, around the table, into the bedtime routine and even great conversations during your travel times.

Badges, Leaderboard & Prizes

Your kids and teens earn a badge every time they complete a series and coins are awarded throughout the duration of each class. At the end of the year, badge earners will have access to certain prizes and discounts, as well as one grand prize winner that will randomly be selected among badge earners to win special Family ROOT prize! Plus, the virtual coins can be spent in the ROOT virtual Store at any time of the year.

A weekly LIVE, interactive class and challenge

Each week our Root Coaches meet with your kids and others from around the world to build upon the Word of God around that month’s GROW DEEP focus right on the site. (Set in themes, like an 8 week series ‘Who is the Holy Spirit' or ‘How to read my Bible Supernaturally’!) Plus, Root always adds in a few bonus fun elements like Scripture ring tones, binder builders, online activities or a game, and more!

A flexible learning schedule

As a community, we start a new series or focus every 1-2 months, BUT the ROOT program was designed for you to be able to jump in to any class with any coach that fits your schedule or engage in a replay available in your course’s dashboard at ANY TIME. The goal is that your family would use these classes, games, and resources to grow deeper ROOTs in Him and have fun, and there's a few different ways to do that!

Have you ever wondered what the Jesus kind of life would really look like if we lived it? Us too, so we studied it out, explored it weekly in class and Liam (age 10 from Oklahoma) submitted his binder builder papers to show he is ready to live it out! Well done!

It's simple--we welcome you into a LIVE class every week, then you complete challenges and assignments! (Send it in to us to earn badges and prizes)!


Classes By Date & Time:

(Class times are listed in Eastern Time Zone)

Preschool Classes

Mondays at 1:15pm
(5:15p GMT)

Wednesdays at 3:30pm
(7:30p GMT)

Elementary Classes

Mondays at 12pm
(4p GMT)

Tuesdays at4:30pm
(8:30p GMT)

Wednesdays at 4:30pm
(8:30p GMT)

Thursdays at 4:30pm
(8:30p GMT)

Thursdays at 7pm
(11p GMT)

Jr High Classes

Mondays at 10:30am
(2:30p GMT)

Wednesdays at 5:30pm
(9:30p GMT)

Thursdays at 6pm
(10p GMT)

Sr High Classes

Interested in leading a class? Contact us!

Family Encounter

3rd Tuesday of each month

or choose a class by Root Coach

(Click on the Root Coach’s image below to learn a little more about them!)


3:30pm (Eastern)


4:30pm (Eastern)


5:30pm (Eastern)


1:15pm (Eastern)


12pm (Eastern)


10:30am (Eastern)


7pm (Eastern)


6pm (Eastern)


9pm (Eastern)


4:30pm (Eastern)


(Spanish / Español)
4:30pm (Eastern)


Pay what you can or “Pay-it-Forward”! To serve your family well, we wanted to offer a few different membership options. The yearly membership allows you to pay a set yearly fee to help “Pay-it-Forward” to any family that wants this powerful discipleship tool in their home. NO FAMILY SHOULD EVER HAVE TO SAY “They can not afford it”. If budget is a concern, NO PROBLEM. Others who can sow so that you can “Name your price”, begin attending classes, accessing tools, and experiencing new levels of growth in your home right away!  Thank you for being a long-term ROOT Family with us!



Per month

Billed annually as $131.
A great way to Pay-It-Forward!

Billed monthly

Name Your Price!

Per month

Billed monthly for those that prefer to budget monthly.

Want to gift a Root Family membership to someone else?

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families growing spiritually between Sundays!

What others are saying!

Want to peek behind the curtain at
Root Bible Academy?
Here's an example of our weekly video!

Just to give you an idea of the high quality classes and how serious we take the coaching at Root Bible Academy, we wanted to give you a look at a recording of an average class! This video is from an Elementary class in the “Seeing Yourself Correctly” (Identity) course. Also, you can click the buttons below to grasp what parent tools & Bible Binder Builders look like for each age group. It’s the perfect mix of interactive fun, deep learning, growth challenges plus activities & tools for your whole family!

Did you know most youth only remember 14% of what they hear?

However, they usually remember 76% of what they hear and then put into practice at home.

And if you're asking, the answer is NO. You DO NOT NEED to be super “churchy” or even have a printer to participate! You can complete forms on the iPad too!

And if you're asking, the answer is NO. You DO NOT NEED to be super “churchy” or even have a printer to participate! You can complete forms on the iPad too!

That's not the point! Some families print out assignments, others complete them on their iPad, and some parents go through them from their phone audibly as a family! (Those worksheets look super cool though, don't they!?) The key ROOT is learning Who God is and who we are because of Jesus, and then being CREATIVE as we learn to go deeper individually and as a family in what we discover (and let's be honest, sometimes that looks totally different than another family ha!). Families walk out their lives that draw their identity from the Word of God. And we can't wait to have your family join in and see how each member in your family brings to life the gift God put in them!

Meet the TEAM building ROOT Bible Academy

Team Richter

The Richter family lives in Florida with their three kids--Wyatt, Wynnston, and Wyllow. They have been in Family ministry for over 15 years and are Rhema Bible graduates.

Team Marks

Lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina with one son - Justin who is sophomore at Methodist University. They have been in children's ministry for 12 years.

Have Questions? We would LOVE to hear from you!

ROOT Family Fun & Submissions

Frequently asked questions

A place where every member in the family can grow and learn with their family, developing common spiritual language at home, building an atmosphere that is powered by the Holy Spirit for walking out true identities in Christ, together, in the home, first! This is done through LIVE classes available for every age group (even parents) bringing the same biblical truths to life for everyone in the household and through Binder Builders, incentives and online/downloadable tools to deepen these truths! 

You do not want to miss one single live class because it is SO interactive and brings a fresh word for the week, as the interaction and individual giftings come alive in each classmate. However, if  you do have to miss, you can AWAYS catch the replay. The videos, assignments, reviews, online challenges are all available on your dashboard whether you are able to make it to the LIVE class or not. And remember, just because you can not make it to your “normal” scheduled class you attend most often, you can jump in any LIVE class in your age group anytime! For example, if you normally are in Junior High Mondays 11a and can not make it that week you can jump into Wednesdays 3:30p Junior High LIVE class! So flexible! Plus, we are always adding class days and times as well as coaches! 

That can be a real challenge, especially with our international reach. We are working weekly to build the class availability schedule and create even more opportunities for families to have times that work for them! Please continue to pray with us as we do. Before then though, you can always watch the replay and still have access to ALL OF the extras! All the resources, recordings, rewards and bonuses are all still available to you and your family on your dashboard! You can still submit challenges, communicate with the community and more until you are able to schedule the LIVE classes into your calendar!

Yes! This is our heart! Every age, from Preschool- ages 3-6, Elementary- ages 7-12, Junior High- ages 13-15, to High School ages 16-18, are all learning the same things, using the same definitions, concepts, scriptures, and descriptions, but each on their level. The parents are also equipped each week with that same spiritual language and additional training, so that you as the parent are leading the path of righteousness and Spiritual growth in your home! 

YES! Just email us at and give us 72 hours! 

We usually focus on a highlighted subject, to really let ROOT’s go deep into the word and receive knowledge, wisdom and understanding, for 4-8 weeks. 

If you are age 3-99 YES! Pre-three are going to have to be the receivers of all of the good things being set all around them creating a firm foundation for them as they grow! 

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