The Love of God

This 12 page PDF teaches
kids and youth what the Love of God is and how to release His infinite love in every day situations.

A MUST for every Christian, ages 8 and up!

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There has never been a more important time for families to be equipped to live like Christ in this world and know how to grow together spiritually.
This has been a point of prayer for all of our coaches and one of our biggest struggles is being "forced" to charge for the Root classes when the gospel is free! Yet, running Root the way God has asked us is anything but free - the costs keep adding up to continue building it that way God is leading us.
Comically, it even costs us to build the site with our newest step of faith: Name your own price for each course, plus the option to pay it forward, so other families can grow spiritually without having to worry about the cost!!
Will you join us in this journey of growing together as families and the body of Christ stepping into what He is launching out of homes?
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What is Root Bible Academy?

Root Bible is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that is helping families to grow together spiritually and to raise up the next generations to experience Jesus in powerful ways!

Every month, there is a new LIVE Course for the whole family, including the LIVE, interactive classes each week – perfect for your preschooler, elementary kid, junior or senior higher!

We are also launching new Root Family Fire nights, once or twice a month, so that you all can grow, develop and encourage one another to be like and experience God together, like never before!

Live, Online Classes
each week!

Your kids can jump into a live class with a live teacher, along with other kids from around the world to learn about Jesus!

Real Spiritual Growth
at home!

Our Root team is constantly creating great trainings, tools and resources to equip you to be the spiritual leader in your home!

Have Fun Learning
about Jesus!

The online games and quizzes, the weekly printables and more are all about one thing: Strengthening real relationships with Jesus.

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Root Bible is a non-profit 501(c)3, helping families to grow together spiritually and to raise up the next generations to experience Jesus in powerful ways!