Word Power Freebie!


Transforming behavior with the Power of God's Word!

What has the power to transform lives?

It is the Word of God ignited by the Spirit.

This multiple page pdf provides parents with quick access to places from God’s Word to guide their kids into all truth.

This will help you turn your attention from the negative to use this situation as a time to teach and grow your child into who God has created them to be!

Most parents have tried to add enough external pressure to their children to create an internal change. It doesn’t work.

God's Word is the tool you need to change behaviors from the inside out.

Additional Tools for Behavioral Change:

Fresh Vision and Perspectives to Apply Heaven's Strategies for a new vibrant life for your whole family!

Preschool * Elementary * Jr. High * Senior High * Parents

Online and Interactive Classes every week plus tools to help your whole family grow together spiritually.

Here it is!

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